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As an aircraft owner, you need comprehensive insurance cover. For events that are unforeseeable from today’s perspective can always occur. Our aircraft liability insurance provides you with global cover and includes personal injury and property damage of third parties. This means you can take out owner or passenger liability insurance or combined single limit insurance, which is a combination of both.

Every aircraft owner is obliged to take out liability insurance. This covers all damage which could occur outside the aircraft. In addition, passenger liability insurance covers passengers in the event of personal injury to them or damage to their luggage. CSL insurance combines both damage possibilities, thus providing comprehensive cover. Furthermore, it has the great advantage of an overall higher amount of insurance cover which is independent from the actual loss event.

Finally, you can take out flight instructor liability insurance with us. This insurance is valid for German and Austrian flight instructors and covers damage claims of the trainee pilot and flying school against the flight instructor. Of course, we are happy to make a personalised offer for you here. You can learn more about our self-concept as a provider in the “mission statement” menu. You can directly make a non-binding enquiry here.

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